Adenomal hipertansiyon. Endokrin Hipertansiyon

Tüm öğe kaydını göster Özet The blood pressure BP has circadian rhythm and fluctuates in 24 hours. It is known that an abnormal circadian BP pattern can affect left ventricular LV systolic function.

Adrenal böbreküstü bezi Benign Tümörleri: Adrenal Adenom You are here: Adrenal böbreküstü bezi Benign Tümörleri:… Hipersekretuar aşırı hormon salgısı yapan adrenal tümörler Aldosteronoma Birincil olarak kanda aldesteron hormonu yüksekliğinin hiperaldosteronizimin en sık nedenidir.

Two-dimensional 2D deformation analysis, that have been developed recently, can detect subclinical LV systolic dysfunction at an early stage which can adenomal hipertansiyon be determined kalp sağlığı yürüyüş programı conventional echocardiography ECHO.

The aim of the study was to assess the role of 2D speckle tracking strain imaging on detecting subclinical LV systolic dysfunction in recently diagnosed "non-dipper" and "dipper" hypertensive patients whose LV systolic functions were normal by conventional ECHO.

adenomal hipertansiyon

Material and Methods: Patients admitted to the Cardiology Department of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and diagnosed newly with essential hypertension were enrolled in the study. According to the ABPM results hypertensive patients were divided into two groups as "dippers" and "non-dippers".

If left ventricular systolic functions and regional wall motions were determined as normal by conventional ECHO, then apical four, three and two chamber views were recorded in gray scale.

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Global and segmental systolic strain and strain rates were measured. Global longitudinal strain GLS and global longitudinal strain rates GLSR were calculated as arithmetic average of all segmental longitudinal strain and strain rates.

adenomal hipertansiyon

The study included 40 recently diagnosed hypertensive patients. Results: According to the ABPM, 32 patients were classified as "non-dippers" whereas 8 were "dippers".

adenomal hipertansiyon

The average adenomal hipertansiyon of the patients in both adenomal hipertansiyon the groups was similar No meaningful statistical difference was determined between the groups' demographical features and laboratory data. The patients were on similar cardiovascular drugs. There was no statistically difference between the "non-dippers" and "dippers" in the left ventricular diameters, mass, mass index, and EF. LV segmental analyses, also, showed that regional strain and strain rates were not different between the adenomal hipertansiyon groups.

adenomal hipertansiyon

Conclusion: In our study, 2D speckle tracking examination demonstrated that LV global and segmental strain and strain rates were not different between the "non-dipper" and "dipper" hypertensive patients.

But, further larger and prospective studies are needed to evaluate the value of that newer technique.

adenomal hipertansiyon