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A picture truly is worth a thousand words. As Lakeridge Health asks Durham Region residents what matters most to them in selecting a site for a new hospital and trauma centre for Durham Yüksek tansiyon ve magnezyum, I direct you to the map found on our hospital project webpage at www.

It was a devastating decision for this community.

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  • History[ edit ] The clinic originally was opened as a full-service hospital for the town of Whitby on December 17,named the Dr.

Due to capacity challenges at other Lakeridge Health sites and some advocacy, it remained open but it ceased to be a full-service hospital. We lost our Emergency Department and the hospital turned its focus to specialty services such as dialysis and palliative care.

Despite this, our community continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

Whitby site is best suited for Lakeridge Health’s new hospital

It would be easy to make the Lakeridge Health that Whitby deserves to be the site for a new full-service hospital based on this alone, but it is important that we consider the needs of all Durham citizens who need care closer to home. That was the message this council received loud and clear from our Hospital Task Force and why we believe our site best serves residents from across the region.

Their single focus was on finding the best site that would stand on its merits regardless of what other proposals might come forward. This meant easy access by all modes of transportation transit, air, road.

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It meant ample land for a Lakeridge Health, as well as future and supporting Whitbynin kalbidir care amenities. It meant being located in an area of high population growth to bring care closer to home.

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The Durham Central site, as we have named it, checks all of these boxes. It is located in the heart of Durham at the intersection of major roads, like Lake Ridge Road, and numerous highways. This means that when seconds and minutes count, those who need critical care can get it, fast.

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It also helps to ensure Lakeridge Health emergency responders can cover greater distances in less time…absolutely crucial for what will be the only trauma centre between Toronto and Kingston. For these reasons and more, I believe the Whitby site is best positioned to serve residents from across the region. But what matters most right now is what you think.

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What do you believe is most important for Lakeridge Health to consider as they make a decision on the future site for the new hospital? Lakeridge Health wants to hear from you and your voice matters.

The Lakeridge Health survey is only open until this Friday, Aug. This is your chance to help bring quality health care closer to home for you and your family. Don Mitchell is mayor of Whitby.

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